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Our Performance Process is the foundation of our business. It allows us to identify and attract leaders in our industry who guide and inspire organizations, shape functional areas, and drive our clients’ drug development processes.

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Our practical approach to proven leadership

Our performance-based hiring system identifies leaders with past success meeting similar corporate objectives as your own, while overcoming challenges and adhering to critical timelines. Our proven process is essential to identifying the perfect candidate who will truly lead, inspire, and unite your organization. Our promise is consistent communication and support throughout your entire search process.

Our process


Define client objectives

After establishing a deep understanding of the initiatives your new executive will undertake and the challenges they may face, we begin to identify talent with the skills and background to navigate them effectively.


performance profile

Leveraging expertly compiled data and performance indicators, we create a custom Performance Profile for your search. This becomes the foundation of future sourcing, informing, and vetting of top-tier talent.


Assemble an
expert team

We connect you with our team members who have the expertise and firsthand industry knowledge to best support your search. Combining their high-level professional networks with research and industry expertise, your Prestige Scientific team will identify the ideal candidates for your opportunity.


Identify ideal candidates

We develop and share a list of candidates and companies to ensure we are on-target in our quest to secure the ideal leader to champion your life science pursuits.


Connect, assess & present candidates

Within approximately two weeks of search commencement, we present a short list of qualified candidates to help guide next steps as we secure your high-performing placement.


& offer

In addition to providing interview-ready candidates, we will coordinate the interview process and conduct follow-up. We advise hiring managers, human resource professionals, and candidates throughout the offer and onboarding process.



Prestige Scientific eases the transition process by overseeing resignation instruction, pre-employment meetings, and post-placement calls. While we follow up at scheduled intervals following candidate placement, our team is always available and connected to clients and candidates to ensure your satisfaction and overall success.


Ready to discuss our performance process and learn how it can strengthen your leadership team?