Jim Calvino

Partner | Regulatory Affairs
"I was given only a paragraph to write about why I like working at Prestige. To be honest, after 15 years, there are many reasons. For me, the people and our leaders are by far the most incredible people I have had the privilege of being associated with. We truly care about each other’s personal and professional successes; we celebrate our wins and pick each other up after our losses. Steve and Mike have built an incredible team over the past 20+ years and it would be safe to say that anyone who joins this family is fully supported. The effort and support that we give to our team is certainly paid forward in the way we treat our clients."

Based in Milford MA, Jim joined Prestige in 2007 and is one of our Partners. He focuses on senior executive search and assessment projects within the Regulatory Affairs practice area for both private and publicly listed companies. He specializes in implementing our performance-driven process for clients to attract and retain the best Executive level professionals in the industry. He is known by his clients for his personalized approach and high level of commitment. 

Outside of work you can find Jim at one of the many hockey rinks across New England coaching his son's hockey team. When not involved in youth coaching, Jim is also a Fitness Instructor at his local gym. He is also a lifelong “foodie”, with a culinary arts background. Italian fare is his “go to” but loves to experiment with different regional cuisine. He is always in the kitchen or over the grill, but admittedly, a terrible baker.